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Ways to save Money

General Maintenance

Fresh paint can give your home a new look

Saving Money

Using flourescant or LED bulbs could save you money

Cost you money

A leaky faucet could cost you money

Cost you money

A running toilet could cost you money


If you've never had your electrical panel serviced. The screws tend to loosen up over time causing flickering lights and outlets

Change your furnace filter

Changing the filter can save you money and extend the life of you furnace

Helpful Information

General Information

Ways to save you money

Use buls that consume less wattage. Keep the cold out in the winter by making sure doors and windows are sealed tight with no air gaps

Allergies ???

Cleaning your ducts might help with your breathing



Vynil Flooring

Vynil flooring in the kitchen and bathroom could save you some money. Being water proof it will not absorb water if there is a water leak